Rental cars are important for your trip to Las Vegas. If you are planning to come and see Vegas you need the best rentals you can reserve for your sight-seeing and plans after you land here. Our cars and trucks are the best value for the money per day. Our vehicles can take the Las Vegas heat so you know you are safely driving Vegas vehicles.
Renting a vehicle you must reserve in advance because our rentals go fast. Cabs can cost a fortune when you add your trip costs together. Rentals just make sense so you can spend money doing the fun in Las Vegas.

Our Rentals Take the Heat

Phoenix is also a very hot location and when you touch down at the airport you want to know you have dependable transportation. Our rentals in Phoenix are ready for your trip. Ride in luxury in one of our reliable cars or trucks for your trip to Phoenix.
The heat in Las Vegas and Phoenix are notorious on vehicles. Rentals from our company will ensure that you have chosen well by renting a vehicle that already takes the desert heat every day on the road.

Business Rentals

Reserve the best vehicles for your team before the company conference to ensure your choice is secure. Our rentals are first come first serve and the best ones do go quickly if there are events in town. Phoenix and Las Vegas have busy schedules year round for rentals so reserve your rentals early for the best choices.
Reserve as long as you would like before your trip for your team conference. If you are coming for fun in the sun in Phoenix or Las Vegas be sure to book your reservation ahead for the choice you want in a rental.

Make it Special

Rentals make a trip fun and exciting. Try a car you never have driven and test drive it for your vacation or business trip. Rental insurance is worth the purchase so be sure to get insurance on your car or truck rental before you drive off our lot for the week.
Pick from a variety of rentals when you reserve early and be creative. Get a big sedan and enjoy it with your team for the conference. Get two big sedans and get your team cozy for the week in our cars and trucks for rent in Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Put the Miles on Us

We have the rentals for your use and these cars are for driving. Put the mileage on our cars and let yours have a vacation as well as you are. Our customer service will get you started on the choices you have right now. Our customer service can reserve and keep your reservation right on hand for your destination in Phoenix or Las Vegas.
Put the wear and tear on our cars instead of worrying about your personal vehicle suffering the heat and the people torture for your company trip. Sure you can pocket the mileage but the wear and tear on your personal vehicle is not worth the trouble or maintenance you might have to have after a long trip in Phoenix or Las Vegas.

Enjoy Our Luxury

Our rentals will sweep you away to your next destiny in Las Vegas. Do the strip and leave when you are ready to jet. Be sure to pick the make and model you want with the tech extras or stereo you want to turn up for the ride.

Our rentals will surprise you with the extras and the value for every trip you take. Reserve ahead of time and have the pick of our fleet. If you want a truck be sure to reserve early for your time in Phoenix or Luxury Las Vegas. Our rentals go quickly and the trucks are a favorite for our regular customers who already enjoy our services. There is nothing quite like a great truck in the desert to hug the road and drive you to your nation with a tough truck filled with luxury.

Our trucks and cars are ready to drive and ready to take the heat of Phoenix and Las Vegas. Las Vegas rentals go quickly so reserve today if you know your itinerary.